What is Video Marketing? Definition and Benefits

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what is video marketing
what is video marketing

What is video marketing? If you want to be successful in business, don’t just focus on selling. Whether it’s an online business or an offline business, you won’t be able to win a business competition if you don’t make marketing efforts.

There are many types of marketing strategies that can be applied. One of them is video marketing. In short, video marketing is marketing content in the form of videos or moving images. But for more details, let’s know what video marketing is.

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What is video marketing?

Even for ordinary people, they might be able to continue the video marketing statement is …

At first glance, you might also be able to predict and even describe a little about what video marketing is. In language, video marketing can be separated into 2 words, namely video and marketing.

Quoting from Wikipedia, video can be interpreted as a technology for sending electronic signals from a moving image.

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What is marketing?

In terms of language, marketing or marketing is a series of activities carried out to meet customer needs or satisfaction.

In addition, marketing can also be interpreted as an effort to introduce a product or service in ways that are acceptable to its target market.

If you refer to the two things above, it can be interpreted that video marketing is a marketing method used to introduce a product or service to the public through video content.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a marketing strategy that is presented in video form. Compared to other content, there are several advantages it has. Some of them are:

1. Has the highest appeal

In a survey conducted by the HubSpot team in 2017, video topped the list in terms of the type of content the public wanted to see.

The survey results show that video content has a greater chance of being noticed. The chances of achieving your marketing goals are also higher when you take advantage of them.

2. Video content has brand recall

Humans more easily remember pictures than words.

But more than that, it is much easier for humans to remember moving images that are equipped with sound or audio.

Video marketing has both. For this reason, brand recall or video’s ability to remind viewers of a brand is also higher.

3. Able to strengthen brand identity

Brands or brands marketed through video content tend to get higher appreciation in the eyes of customers.

The level of customer trust is higher when the brand is marketed through video content.

Video marketing is a marketing strategy that can strengthen a brand’s identity. Not surprisingly, many big brands are implementing this marketing strategy.

4. Stages of Making Video Marketing

  • Do some research.
  • Don’t just sell, highlight the value too.
  • Make the most of the first 5 seconds.
  • Choose the right video marketing medium.
  • Market the video at the right time.

After knowing what video marketing is, then of course it’s easy for you to describe video marketing. But knowing the meaning of video marketing is only a start. The real problems were only just beginning. Now moving on to the next stage, how do you create video marketing?

To make good and effective video marketing, there are several steps that you must go through:

1. Do some research

Never execute a strategy without research first. Research is the earliest stage and very important before starting any action, including in marketing.

But what should you research?

First, first determine the type of target audience or audience. Know your audience profile such as how old they are, their gender, their interests to where they usually hang out.

This information is very important for determining the type of video content that will be made later. In research, you also have to think about what kind of action the audience will take.

2. Don’t just sell, highlight the value too

Video marketing is marketing a product or service using video content. But you also need to remember, that marketing is not just about selling. Marketing is about conveying the value of a product or service.

There are lots of video ads out there. But of the countless number of video ads, how many do you really remember?

If your video marketing doesn’t stand out enough, it’s hard to make your audience remember it. For that, don’t just focus on selling. Focus on conveying the value of the product or service you offer.

For example, if you want to market clothing products, show that the wearer can look fashionable and still be himself.

To accentuate the value, you also have to know what your target audience needs or wants. From here, it will be easier to determine which values should be emphasized.

3. Make the most of the first 5 seconds

In creating any content, there are rules that content creators always adhere to. The first seconds were decisive. Whether your audience will continue watching your video marketing or not depends on how well you grab their attention in the first 5 seconds.

Remember, video marketing is video content that is created to captivate viewers and take certain actions after watching it. So if they don’t watch your marketing video to completion, how are they going to take the action you expect?

For that, make the first 5 seconds of your video marketing as interesting as possible. There are several ways to grab your audience’s attention in the first 5-10 seconds. One of them is by flicking the human side or the side of their life.

You can start by presenting a problem they might be facing or picking up an issue that catches their eye.

4. Choose the right video marketing medium

Choosing a video marketing medium is also important. If you’ve done your research, choosing this marketing medium will be much easier.

Video marketing media are usually tailored to the places where your target market often gathers. If your target market watches TV a lot, market the videos that have been made on TV media.

But if your target market more often watches videos on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, market the video on these media.

For social media, you should also know that every social media has a different type of user. So to be more targeted, also understand the character and habits of your target market.

5. Market the video at the right time

Don’t just show video marketing. If your target market watches TV more, find out what time of day they usually watch TV. If your target market watches YouTube more often, find out when they usually watch videos on YouTube.

Video marketing is the most effective way to grab the audience’s attention. But if you air it at the wrong time, you won’t get the results you expected.


Video marketing is a marketing strategy that has a high level of effectiveness in attracting attention as well as building and binding relationships between brands and customers.

However, it was not easy to get results like this. You need to have really good content videos. You also have to market the video in the right way.

Having trouble making video marketing? You can use a video editing service.

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