Want to Buy Digital Vehicle Insurance? Here are 7 Tricks so You Don’t Choose the Wrong One

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ways to buy digital vehicle insurance

Nowadays humans have increasingly facilitated thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology. Everything is easy and practical, but still with efficient results. One example is buying vehicle insurance products which can now be done digitally.

That means you don’t have to come to an insurance company to fill out a vehicle insurance registration form. Enough from the gadget, the registration will be processed immediately and you can get what you want.

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7 Tricks to Buy Digital Vehicle Insurance

But, given the number of vehicle insurance products, it is important for you to be careful so that your purchase does not cause regret in the future. Here are some tricks for buying digital vehicle insurance that need attention.

1. Find Out How Much The Insurance Company Charges

The amount of premium offered by each company is different, so find out the type of premium first before buying.

For TLO (Total Loss Only) insurance, the insurance percentage is approximately 1% per year. Meanwhile, for all risks, it can reach 2-3% per year.

2. Register a Car that Is not too Old

Insurance companies are very happy if they succeed in getting a lot of customers, but that does not mean the company from which they accept the car will be insured. The company has a special policy for the maximum limit of cars that can be insured, which is 15 years. Some are only 10 years old.

The policy regarding the age of this vehicle varies from company to company. We recommend that you find out more about this information so that the process of making insurance will be easier.

Make sure your vehicle is under 10 years old so that the company accepts the vehicle insurance application. If more, then it’s your job to find as much information as possible about this insurance product directly to the company concerned.

3. The Level of Ease of Submitting Claims

The point that is no less important when buying an insurance product is the claim process itself. The difficult process, of course, will become a burden in itself because the time to withdraw the premium is longer than it should be. So, you have to muster patience until the claim is successful.

Yet in this sophisticated era, you want everything that is fast, practical, and efficient. If the product is like this, it will automatically be abandoned because it is not what you want.

For that, choose an insurance company that offers facilities as promised at the beginning. So you can save time when taking care of everything related to vehicle insurance.

4. Guarantee Protection Every Time

No one knows when an unfortunate event will happen to his life. If you want to buy a vehicle insurance product, then consider an insurance company that guarantees vehicle protection at all times. You can make a claim at any time without being limited by time.

Make sure customer service is available 24 hours a day. If at any time needed, you can immediately call and ask for their help to facilitate the claim process.

The customer service number at each branch of the company may be different. Save and call the number of the company where you made vehicle insurance first for fast and accurate assistance.

5. Compare Insurance Products Between Companies

The insurance products offered by each company differ from one another. The difference relates to the amount of premium, the ease of claims, to partner workshops of the insurance company itself. In order not to make the wrong choice, compare the products of each company.

This activity certainly takes a lot of time. Therefore, make sure you have prepared a special time before making a product comparison at each insurance company.

If necessary, read reviews from various sources regarding the services of the insurance company. In this way, imagine what you can get becomes clearer than before.

6. Types of Insurance and Expansion of Coverage

Insurance products are divided into two types, namely TLO and all risk. Both are different, both in terms of total premiums, benefits, and total coverage from the insurance company. Choose one product that best suits your daily vehicle needs.

Avoid insurance products that do not match the benefits because this will only harm you as an insurance customer. Moreover, the premiums can be said to be not small, so it feels like a waste of money.

It’s better to compare the types of products first, then consider carefully so that your choice doesn’t fall on the wrong insurance product, huh!

7. What Kind of Protection Does The Showroom Provide

In fact, you can buy car insurance directly from the showroom where the car was purchased. It’s faster, more practical, and you don’t need to be busy managing files related to vehicle insurance registration. Everything has been taken care of along with the car buying process.

Even some showrooms provide free protection for several months to consumers who buy cars from their premises. And you can take advantage of this free protection to reduce costs for your car.

However, keep in mind what kind of protection is offered. If it does not meet the standards, then joining an insurance company is the right choice to maximize protection for your vehicle.

Do Not Just Choose The Insurance Product

Currently, vehicle insurance products come in different types and are offered by different companies. So, don’t make the mistake of choosing a product because this concerns the convenience and well-being of your current and future vehicle.

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