Why Majority of People Skip Buying Health Insurance Policy?

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Infomediaku.net | Why Majority of People Skip Buying Health Insurance Policy?

Health is a very important thing to always pay attention to. Some people even think that health is an investment that must always be maintained and cared for optimally.

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This is certainly very reasonable, considering that to be able to carry out various activities the body must be supported by excellent health at all times. In addition, health costs certainly cannot be considered cheap.

The high cost of health is one of the reasons for accessing health insurance services. However, even though it is very important, some people often delay or even ignore the procurement of this health insurance. Meanwhile, over time, health actually needs maximum protection.

There are many reasons why most people delay buying health insurance, although it is likely that the person concerned already realizes how important it is to have this one service.

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5 Things That Make You Often Skip Buying Health Insurance

The following are some reasons why you often ignore and delay having health insurance:

1. Currently Physically Still Healthy

Having a healthy physical condition, you certainly feel you don’t need any health services at this time. This kind of thing is very much experienced by young people, especially those who do not have dependents and do not think too much about things.

When your body is in a very healthy condition, you will be free to do any activity, even for activities that require a lot of energy. Conditions like this certainly will not create the desire to buy a health insurance policy.

But as time goes by, age will get older. The body will not be as fit as it used to be and will be even more susceptible to various diseases. You may have more business and work to burden your mind, making you particularly vulnerable to stress.

All of this will certainly make the body more prone to illness and require health services. At times like this you will need health insurance and of course you have to pay a premium that is more expensive when compared to buying it when you are healthy, because the risk of various diseases is greater.

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2. Waste a Lot of Money

Insurance premiums that are considered high are another common reason that people don’t want to access health insurance services. If you access private health insurance independently, at least you will need 10-20% of your monthly income to pay the premiums. This is often considered too heavy and only a waste of money, because health insurance is also not necessarily going to be used in the near future.

If you are sick and need treatment in the hospital, the costs can be very large. This will get even bigger, if it turns out that you have a serious illness and need a long period of treatment in the hospital. When you remember facts like this, setting aside several hundred thousand each month to pay insurance premiums is certainly not an exaggeration.

3. There is Already Health Insurance from The Company

If you work in an office, then you will certainly get health insurance facilities from the company. This helps but is not an excuse for not accessing health insurance independently. Health insurance provided by companies generally only has a limited ceiling, so it cannot provide maximum protection.

In addition, some insurance companies also only have limited coverage, so they require additional insurance. Having other health insurance as a complement to the health insurance provided by the company is the right decision.

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4. Not Making Health a Priority

There are many people who often forget how important their health is, especially when they are still in wonderful shape. Instead of buying health insurance, vehicle insurance or even home insurance becomes a priority.

If you do something like this, then you certainly will never have health insurance. Even if health problems/risks occur to yourself, then it is clear that you have to spend a lot of money to access health services at the hospital.

In addition, the risk of losing the income can also occur, if it turns out that the disease is severe enough and makes you unable to work.

5. Will not be Hit by a Disaster

Nobody wants disaster to come, not even you. But in reality, calamities can come at any time and happen to anyone without being predictable.

If the reason skip buying a health insurance policy is because of the assumption that you will not be hit by disaster, then you are wrong.

Get the Right Health Insurance Immediately

Health insurance is an important requirement that must be fulfilled properly because this product provides protection for health.

If you have had many reasons to postpone owning it, then immediately change that view. Have the right health insurance that suits your needs, so you can get maximum health protection.

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