Top 7 Recommended Online Business Promotion Sites

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online business promotion | Top 7 Recommended Online Business Promotion Sites

You have to be creative with your promotional strategy. However, before that, you must have a good website first. With a good website, you can increase your business reputation. However, not only good, but your website must also be unique.

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For example, using a different domain from the website in general. In addition to the [.com] domain, you can use a [.online] or[. site] domain. With a unique domain, your website will be easier to remember so you can get more visitors.

If you already have a website, you can promote it online to reach more customers. Confused where to promote? in this article, we will provide recommendations for the best online business promotion places that you can try. Come on, see the following reviews.

7 Best Online Business Promotion Places

Among the various online business promotion platforms that exist, we have selected seven of the best online business places that you can consider. Let’s see the full explanation below.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform from Google that allows you to reach more customers.

As we know, billions of people use Google to find their needs every day. By using Google My Business, your business can be known by many people.

One of the main features of Google My Business is Google Maps. If your business is relevant to what people are looking for on Google Maps, your business information will appear in the search results. That way your business has the opportunity to be visited by many people.

Google My Business is a platform from Google that allows you to reach more customers. As we know, billions of people use Google to find their needs every day. By using Google My Business, your business can be known by many people.

2. Zomato

If your business is engaged in the culinary sector, Zomato could be an online business promotion platform worth trying.

Zomato is a site that is often used to find reviews for restaurants, cafes, and other places to eat. The information displayed is the name of the place to eat, the address, the location map (with google maps), contacts, menus, and even what events are being held at that location.

Other information such as opening hours, average prices, venue facilities, Wi-Fi, live music, and many other services are also displayed on Zomato. Not only that, on Zomato, users can provide reviews and ratings of a place.

3. Facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook? This social media platform has users equivalent to a third of the world’s population or around 2.3 billion users from various backgrounds.

The good news is, Facebook can be used as a place for free online business promotions. So you can use it to promote any type of product. No need to worry about lack of enthusiasts, Facebook provides tools designed to make it easier for you to promote products according to business targets.

That way, your promotions will be easily accessible to users who are in line with your business targets. This approach has proven to be so effective that it can increase the conversion rate of your business website.

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4. LinkedIn Business

Did you know that LinkedIn can be used as a place to promote online business? Apart from being a platform for professionals (workers and business owners), LinkedIn also provides a marketing solution feature called LinkedIn Business.

LinkedIn Business can help you find potential customers. You can reach more than 500 million people from various countries. You can even reach out to business owners to become your customers.

By reaching out to business owners, your business production can scale up to a large scale. LinkedIn Business can be the best option for you if your target business is a business owner.

5. Quora

Quora is a platform where users can ask and answer questions about any topic.

Maybe you are wondering why you should consider Quora as an online business promotion venue? One reason for this is that Quora’s question and answer content appears frequently on Google search pages.

By creating an account and actively answering questions on Quora, it is possible that your answers will appear on Google search pages. So, you can make Quora a marketing tool so that it can be better known by many people.

Don’t forget, from that answer, you can also be considered an expert so that your business can be recognized as more credible.

6. Twitter

Like Facebook, you can also use Twitter to promote your business. You can take advantage of the Twitter Ads feature to reach an audience according to your business target.

To be able to promote success on Twitter is actually not difficult. You can start by making a promotional tweet with a specific hashtag. In the tweet, you can add information and reply to the audience’s comments.

Then you can create an entertaining thread to engage more people. The key to successful business promotion on social media is to promote it to the appropriate target audience. So, it is important for you to define your target audience.

7. Instagram

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is also a social media that can be used as a place to promote profitable online businesses. Moreover, Instagram has the largest number of users after Facebook.

On Instagram, you can promote products through the Instagram Stories or Feed feature. Not only that, but Instagram also provides an Instagram Ads feature to invite users to visit your account or website. Alternatively, you can work with influencers to promote and provide positive reviews about your brand.

Instagram is also very popular with young people. So, if your target market is young people, this platform is a must-try. To find out more, we recommend that you read the Instagram Marketing Strategy article.

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Which Online Business Promotion Place is Your Choice?

After knowing the explanation of what platforms can be used as a place for online business promotion, you certainly don’t want to waste this golden opportunity, right?

Promoting business online can provide many benefits for your business. You will lose a lot if you don’t use it.

By choosing the right promotion strategy and platform, you can reach an audience globally. Your business will continue to grow and be recognized by many people. So, what are you waiting for, immediately do your business promotion strategy now!

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