Motor Insurance Claim Rejected? Check 7 Causes Here

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motor claim insurance

Most motorbike owners feel relieved if they have equipped their motorbikes with insurance. At least the owner does not have to stress thinking about the cost of repairing the motorbike if one day the motorbike is damaged.

In fact, insurance companies do not always pass claims submitted by the owner, especially if the motorbike does not meet the terms and conditions set out earlier.

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The Things that Cause The Rejection of Insurance Claims

Before motorbike insurance claims are rejected, it is better if each owner knows the things that cause the rejection of insurance claims. Some causes are described below:

1. Did not Complete The Required Documents

Before submitting a claim to the insurance company, prepare all the required documents. Some of them include your vehicle documentation or driving license and a claim form. If the motorbike is seriously damaged, you should complete it with a certificate from the police as evidence that the damage is accidental.

Make sure all documents are brought in completely when facing the insurance company. If one of the documents is missing, the company will reluctantly reject the claim.

2. Breaking Traffic Rules

Automatic claim submission is rejected if the driver’s accident is caused by violating traffic rules. Because this action is considered one of the driver’s mistakes or negligence while driving. Apart from violating traffic, claims will also be rejected if the driver is proven to have committed a crime that resulted in an accident on the road.

3. The rider was caught drunk

Driving drunk is not recommended because it can endanger one’s own life. If at any time a driver has an accident due to drunkenness, the insurance company has the right to reject the claim submitted by the driver himself.

Apart from being drunk, insurance companies also reject claims caused by consuming illegal drugs. So, don’t expect to get a coverage fee if the main cause is yourself.

4. The Motor Function Changes from The Initial Agreement

A motorbike whose function has changed from the function recorded in the agreement at the beginning of insurance registration will also be denied a claim. For example, at first, John used a motorbike as a private vehicle, then changed its function to a vehicle for online motorcycle taxis, so accidents that later arise are no longer the responsibility of the insurance company.

In this condition, John himself will bear all the repair costs for the damaged motorbike. It is different if John has informed the motorbike function from the start, then some costs will be borne by the insurance company.

5. The Name Listed On The Policy is Different

Claims submitted can be accepted if the information on the vehicle owner’s personal data matches what is stated on the policy. If the information is different, the insurance company will immediately reject the claim.

Make sure that the personal data recorded on the policy matches the identity card before finally making motorbike insurance is processed by the insurance company. If a correction occurs after the policy creation is complete, the insurance company may not respond or service it.

6. The Policy Validity Period Has Expired

Try to keep the policy validity period without a grace period, so that claims can be made at any time when the motorbike is damaged. This is because some insurance companies impose a grace period at the beginning of making an insurance policy.

In addition, make sure that the claim submission has not exceeded the specified time limit. If the date has passed, the claim will be automatically rejected.

7. Modifications to The Vehicle

Any form of modification that occurs to the vehicle will undoubtedly thwart the claim process. Because, some modifications can actually damage some components on the motorbike, so this action is prohibited by the insurance company.

If you want to modify it, you should first consult with the insurance company. This way, the policy can better know which parts can be replaced or not, so that this action will not harm the policy in the future.

Understand the Contents of the Insurance Policy in Detail

An insurance policy is the same as an agreement or contract which is mutually binding. Make sure you have understood the contents of the policy thoroughly before finally signing the agreement letter. Thus, the benefits offered by insurance can be felt maximally.

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