How to Write a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a Job Application

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how to write a curriculum vitae

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a Job Application –

Are you challenged to plunge into a career in marketing? Or want to apply for a job in that field? Of course, the first thing to do is create an attractive curriculum vitae (CV) in order to be accepted and join the marketing team.

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In polishing your CV, you can’t do it carelessly. There are things that you must pay attention to so that your CV is seen by the company’s HRD, then you are called to take a series of tests, such as psychological tests, interviews with HRDs, or direct interviews with users.

If you want to write an attractive curriculum vitae, make sure the following points are in your CV.

1. Explain About Yourself

Describing yourself on your CV is very important. But just explain the important points, there’s no need to vent. Also include things that are relevant to the job vacancy you are applying for, namely in the marketing field.

Also, associate it with the achievements that you have achieved. Tell me briefly, clearly, but can convince the HRD that you are experienced in their field. Also, pay attention to the choice of language because it describes your personality.

For example, I am a graduate of a Digital Marketing degree at the university ……. I have worked in a marketing agency …., and currently I am still working as a Senior Marketing Associate in a company …

Apart from being experienced in the marketing field, I was also the best employee in the marketing division in … With that experience, as well as these abilities and expertise, I am sure I can make a contribution to your company.

2. Describe Your Competencies

As the saying goes, the experience is the best teacher. The experience written in the CV must explain competence. Combine the job descriptions you have had with your duties and responsibilities in previous companies. You can also enter targets that must be achieved by you.

With this explanation, HRD will see that you are a person who fits the company’s needs. Especially in the field of marketing, targets and deadlines become daily meals. Therefore, also include your biggest achievements at work.

Oh Yeah, don’t forget, mention your work experience anywhere, from when, when was your last position. For example: Working in a company …. (2000-2015) as … My duties and responsibilities at that time, among others:…

The target is given by the company … (for example, selling 10,000 pieces of product per day). I try with the abilities and expertise that I have so that I always meet these targets.

3. Abilities and Skills

Working in the marketing field requires skills and abilities in order to get a job. There are several skills marketing must possess so that they can add value:

1. Communication

Every job requires communication skills. Good for coordinating with teams, superiors, as well as consumers, and clients. Whatever the field of work, this communication skill is needed, especially for those who often work outside or in the field, such as marketing, business development (biz dev), sales, journalists, and other professions.

Of course for a marketer, communication skills are very important. Not only the leadership but also clients and consumers. Without the ability to communicate, deals with clients will be difficult, so they cannot meet the targets set.

Likewise to consumers. With good communication skills, consumers will believe in the product or service being sold, so they finally buy. Yes, this communication skill is the main weapon of a marketing person at work. Build relationships and trust with relationships.

Not only able to communicate well, but marketing must also master the material. That way, the people you talk to will be more confident.

2. Write

Marketing, not only required be able to sell, communicate well, but also have the ability to write. In today’s era, communication is not only verbal, it can also be written through social media.

The social media team is usually included in the marketing division. But for companies that are still in the developing stage, due to limited employees, marketing will double the job. So in addition to lobbying clients using their products or services, they are also responsible for filling social media with interesting content or posts.

From the ability to write on social media and copywriting, you can influence many people to buy or use the products or services offered. Remember, the impact of social media is tremendous today. So do online promotion and marketing.

3. Using Technology

Keeping up with the times, a marketer is required to have the ability to use the digital world. That is, it must be technology literate. Utilizing smartphone technology, computers, and other social media features. This will have a tremendous impact on you in achieving your target.

4. Write Supporting Soft Skills

Have Adobe Photoshop expertise, make videos, or others, write it on your CV so that it adds value. This expertise can be considered by HRD to welcome you to join the company.

5. Simple design but eye-catching

Use a design for a CV that is simple but eye-catching. So if you see it. it is not boring. No need to overdo it with a colorful design. Use a common typeface in a CV such as Arial, Calibri (Body), Times New Roman.

Also pay attention to the use of capital letters, italics, and bold letters. The sentence structure is such that the important points of the CV are conveyed.

That’s all tips on how to write a curriculum vitae that you can apply.

Show Your Enthusiasm to Join the Company You are Applying for.

The main key in making a CV is not just explaining how good your skills are and how many hours you have.

However, you must show how much you want to join a company that you are applying for. Show that you can make the maximum contribution to the company, even if only from your CV.

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