6 Easy Steps On How to Start a Translation Business

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how to start a translation business

Infomediaku.net | 5 Easy Steps On How to Start a Translation Business

For many people, starting a business you must have the courage. Especially since the internet has created many new business opportunities that have sprung up. One of them is the translation service business. We know that translation services are a form of business that has existed for a long time.

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Moreover, differences in language often become a obstacles to various problems in human life. For example, business negotiations, lectures, and so on. For those of you who speak a foreign language, it is very important to know how to start a translation service business.

The internet does provide many tools to help users translate foreign languages. It’s just that because the translation is done by a robot, sometimes the translation results feel stiff and generally less tidy in terms of grammar. This is why translation services are so needed.

Main Function of Translator

A translator has an important role, some of which are in the business and education sectors.

Moreover, there are still many people who have limited abilities in speaking, listening, and writing using foreign languages.

The following are some functions that the translator has.

1. As a Liaison

Language difference is of course an obstacle to communication. Both oral and written communication. This obstacle can be even more serious if you have discussed important matters.

Like a business negotiation, translation services have a role because they can relate differences in the understanding of each individual into one word. It will have a positive impact on the relationship.

2. As an Interpreter

The role of the translator is needed when there are events such as seminars or large conferences that present participants from various parts of the world. Interpreters will be urgently needed.

Generally, interpreters will be gathered in a separate room. They speak using interpreters and use several languages at once.

Some languages that are widely used in large forums include Mandarin, English, Arabic, Japanese, or depending on the country of origin of the seminar participants.

6 Ways to Start a Translation Services Business

Talking about business, before you move, of course, you must know the steps to get started. Yes, because the tenth step will not be reached if there is the first step. Here are 6 Easy Steps to Start a Translation Business:

1. Determining the Target Market

When starting any business, including a translation business, the first thing to do is determine the target market. You have to determine who is the right customer for your business.

The range of consumers for translating services is actually very wide. Starting from students, employers, to professional workers and state civil servants.

All of these target markets cannot be generalized. Your target market will determine the marketing methods you have to do.

By identifying your target market, you can later determine the quality standards for the translation business that you are currently doing.

2. Determining a Marketing Strategy

The target market has been determined. Now you know who you want as a user of your translation service.

It’s time for you to determine the right marketing strategy. And because it relates to the target market as above, the marketing and promotion strategies that you carry out will each be very different.

With the right marketing strategy, the translation business that you run will be increasingly visible to many people.

3. Get Started By Accepting Freelance Orders

On the internet, there are many websites that specifically provide freelance online job services. And one type of service that is most in demand is translation services. You can start building your own portfolio. Finding a quality translator is not easy. A qualified translator is not an easy thing.

The working freelance will open up your opportunities
develop your business network. You can start offering your services not only to individuals but also offering your business translation services to companies.

Especially in the current era of globalization, language can be a barrier to business activities. This is where the role of translation services is needed.

4. Increase Resources

Increasing resources in business can mean many things. The increase in resources is carried out as a whole, both product resources and human resources.

To develop a product, you can learn how competitors work. Yes, indeed, copying people’s business ideas is not something that is prohibited in the business world. You can do the OIM Technique (Observe, Imitate, Modify).

Meanwhile, in terms of human resources, the first step you can take is to choose a reliable team. Yes, maybe you are good at a certain language and want to increase the range of languages you can work with.

You can invite colleagues who master other languages to add variations in the language which is the main product of your translation service.

See how your team works together or when dealing with customers. You must serve customers in a friendly manner. Quality products coupled with good service are sure to attract new customers and maintain their loyalty.

5. Doing Product Innovation

One of the things that are avoided when doing business is feeling satisfied easily. Although basically, humans are creatures with never satisfied, not a few people are quickly satisfied with their achievements.

Times are constantly changing, and trends will always follow them. Apart from maintaining the quality of your translation business, innovation must be made so that your service users don’t feel bored. If you don’t do this, your customers may move to competitors.

6. Know the Problems with Translation Services

Apart from developing your business, as a translator, you must know the business obstacles that you will face. For starters, finding customers is an obstacle for any type of business.

As for competition, even though you are not much involved in this business, you must pay attention to the uniqueness and differentiation of the translation service business that you are starting.

If you can manage both of these obstacles well, you can create a loyal customer base. You have to be creative looking for fresh promotional ideas.

For example, providing shuttle services for translation materials with certain conditions. You can open translation services for foreign languages other than English, such as German, French, Arabic, Mandarin, and so on.


Having foreign language skills is something that cannot be owned by everyone. By having foreign language skills, you can get additional income.

One of them is by opening a translation service. And developing translation services is an important step in enlarging your translation service business.

This is the article on how to start a translation service business. If you still have questions about this theme or other services, don’t forget to write them in the comments column. I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks.

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