6 Tips On How to Create a Portfolio for Your Creative Career

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how to create a portfolio

Infomediaku.net |6 Tips On How to Create a Portfolio for Your Creative Career

Become a worker or are currently looking for work. One of the things that HRDs will look at in seeing your quality is by looking at examples of portfolios and how to create the portfolios you have created.

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Only by looking at these two things, the MRD team that selects job applicants will be able to judge you as a qualified person or not. Thus, the portfolio is an important aspect that must be considered.

What is A Portfolio?

Actually, the definition of the portfolio can be seen from various perspectives. So, the meaning of the portfolio can be seen depending on the context of what you are talking about. For example, in the financial sector, the portfolio is a term used to describe a collection of investments owned by a person or an institution.

Then, in the field of strategic management and marketing, the portfolio is a term to indicate a set of products, brands, services, or projects that a company offers to its consumers.

In the political field, portfolios are the obligations and pillars of government for cabinet ministers as well as officials from department heads within government institutions.

How about education? In the field of education, a portfolio is a collection of personal information which is a record and documentation of the achievements or achievements that you have during the course of education.

Meanwhile, in the field of art, a portfolio is evidence of a collection of the artist’s work, for example, works in the form of photos, magazine clippings, building designs, and other works that have been previously made.

So, you have got a brief description of the definition of a portfolio, right? the portfolio is a word taken from the Latin portefeuille.

How to Create a Portfolio

Now that we know what a portfolio is, it’s time we want to tell you how to make it. For those of you who have never created a portfolio before, see below the steps!

1. Create a Table of Contents

A portfolio is a collection of documentation that shows your achievements in the world of education so far.

Now, by making a table of contents, you will make it easier for readers to see your documentation.

2. Attach Personal Data

Even though a portfolio is a result of documenting your achievements, there’s nothing wrong with entering your personal data or a brief CV as a brief description of who you are.

Provide personal data in the form of contact information such as e-mail, telephone number, academic history, and brief work or institutional experience.

3. Tell Your Goals

The next thing in a portfolio is to explain the goals and achievements you want to achieve.

Explain your vision and mission in the short term and long term. This way, readers can judge that you are a visionary and purposeful person when making decisions.

4. Share Skills and Experience

In this section, describe in full and in detail your skills and experience. You can also add whatever your strengths are so that it can be more convincing. For example, add skills in design, writing, or photography.

Give an explanation of your works so far, starting from the background, when, where, and their purpose.

5. Include Examples of Work

Without proof of your work or awards, your portfolio is incomplete. It is precisely this evidence that makes a portfolio even more convincing.

With this evidence, readers can judge for themselves whether your work is worthy of reference or not. This attachment can be a photo, certificate, text, or video.

6. Attach Testimonials from Clients

To make it more convincing, you can also include testimonials from your previous clients. By adding this testimonial, it shows that you are indeed trusted by many people to do something. Include clearly the full name of the testimony provider, title, and institution.

That’s what a portfolio is and how to create a portfolio. How, already starting to understand, right? For both print and online portfolios, try to keep them to a minimum while still meeting the required information. Good Luck!

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