How to Become a Successful Youtuber in 10 Easy Steps

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how to become a successful youtuber | How to Become a Successful Youtuber in 10 Easy Steps

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous YouTuber who can make a lot of money like the gaming YouTuber Pew Die Pie who can earn tens of millions of dollars from his hobby of playing games? Nowadays, you can make any dream come true as long as the will and determination are strong.

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The good thing about being a YouTuber, money can go to your wallet. Don’t immediately see how good they are, but also look at their initial process, what the ups and downs were to build their channel from scratch to become famous as it is now.

Here we will tell you how the tips are so that you can become a successful YouTuber like them.

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10 Ways to Become a Successful Youtuber

There are several ways to become a successful YouTuber and make a lot of money that you must follow before you can finally become a successful YouTuber like your idol YouTuber. But keep in mind! The main key to success is prayer and hard work.

1. Create a Youtube Channel

Yeah, of course, the first thing you have to have is a YouTube channel, there’s no way you want to be a YouTuber and don’t have a YouTube channel.

So how do you create a YouTube channel? Actually, by creating a Gmail account and syncing it with YouTube, you automatically create your own YouTube account. But so we don’t get confused, let’s explain it step by step.

Via PC

  • Step 1: Open in a browser.
  • Step 2: Login using the Gmail account that you have.
  • Step 3: If you have successfully logged in, now you can access the YouTube profile menu. Now to create a channel you just have to click the profile icon on the top right and select the Settings menu.
  • Step 4: Then on the Accounts tab you select Create a new channel menu.
  • Step 5: Next, you will be asked for the name of the channel you want to create. If you have clicked Create Channel button.
  • Step 6: To beautify the appearance of the channel you just created, click Customize Channel button. Enter your cool profile photo and an attractive and finished banner header.

Via an Android phone

  • Step 1: Open the youtube application. If you haven’t logged in to your Gmail account, please log in first. If you are logged in, then tap the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Step 2: Select Your channel menu then tap the gear icon to set the channel profile display such as profile photos and banner headers. Done!

Your initial capital to become a YouTuber is over, now it’s just the next step.

2. Create an AdSense Account

If you want to get money from the videos you upload on Youtube, of course, you also have to create a Google AdSense account which will distribute advertisements on your videos.

You are only allowed to have one AdSense account to make payments easier later. Meanwhile, to associate videos with AdSense, you need at least 3 original videos that have been uploaded.

Don’t think that by creating an AdSense account and having 3 videos that have been uploaded automatically, you will immediately get money.

You need to remember the YouTube regulations about AdSense, this is always changing, starting from the minimum number of subscribers, watch time videos to what types of content are get AdSense. So you have to pay close attention to this one.

3. Determine the Idea and Concept of the Channel

To become a successful YouTuber here you have to really think carefully about what content you want to create. Is the goal to entertain people, educate through tips and tricks, etc.

4. Interesting and Quality Content

Many choices of content ideas that you can make content for your YouTube, for example, such as Game Walkthrough, Tutorial, Reviews, Social Trends, etc.

The duration also doesn’t need to belong, just 5-20 minutes so that the audience is not bored. But we think any content will always be interesting as long as it is made seriously from the heart and the content is quality and the most important thing is to make the content according to your passion and ability. You. So don’t make content carelessly, guys.

5. Purchase Videography and Editing Needs

Just using an Android cellphone is not enough! Indeed, nothing is impossible but to create good and interesting content requires sacrifice. One of the victims of money.

For this initial phase, if your funds are limited, you can choose a camera and PC that fits your pocket. If later you have more sustenance and your savings are already quite new to buy a high spec device.

But actually, this is just a support tool, guys, as long as your content is useful for other people and is liked by many people. People won’t see what device you are using.

6. Continue to Learn Video Editing

Do you still noob about editing videos? There are no instant results. The more often you hone and learn how to edit videos, it is guaranteed that you will be able and used to it.

7. Don’t just Upload Videos

When you want to upload a video, there are several aspects that you have to pay attention to, because it’s useless if the content is interesting and high quality, but from the appearance, it’s not tempting to watch. So you have to pay attention to the following before you upload it.

  1. Video Title Use a title that contains keywords because after all, you have to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your video appears in searches related to your video content
  2. Thumbnail That is a picture of the front of the video or just like the video cover. So try to make a thumbnail that is attractive and can represent the whole so that it tempts people to watch your video.
  3. Description Makes a video description that is clear, solid, not stiff, and certainly contains keywords in it.
  4. Include relevant tags Don’t forget to always include tags that are relevant to the video because tags are a kind of video categorization so that a good tag and according to your video content can bring a lot of viewers
  5. Speeding the internet The most important capital guys! Quality video file size doesn’t count to tens of MB anymore but hundreds of MB even count GB. If you only rely on the signal from your cellphone, how long will you wait for the upload to finish?

It is highly recommended that you subscribe to fiber Internet at home if you really want to be a YouTuber especially if your content category is a gaming YouTuber then it is obligatory to install the internet at home.

8. Channel and Video Promotion

Since you are still a beginner YouTuber, videos that have been made and uploaded are not immediately visible to many people because you definitely don’t have subscribers.

Yes, it is about one year to increase subscribers and increase traffic naturally. Don’t give up! We just promote it to the closest environment such as family, relatives, and friends.

And also promote on social media that you have, the Facebook group that matches your content.

Thankfully, if you have friends who are YouTubers too and already have lots of subscribers, you can invite collaborations.

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9. Good Communication

Some people after watching our video will leave comments. Some comments are good and constructive, but some are negative or offensive. Accept all comments well.

If someone has a bad comment, you can respond by trying to provide a better video. Any positive or negative comments indicate that they care about your work.

10. Keep Spirit and never Give Up

The most important thing is if you want to be a great Youtuber! The intention will not betray the results.

As long as you mean what you do, then you will enjoy the results! “Patience is the key to everything!”.

Maybe some people can go viral and famous easily! But most of them have to struggle and bleed to make their dreams come true.

If you believe that being a Youtuber is your goal, then achieve that dream!


That’s tips on how to become a successful youtuber. In practice it may not be as smooth as the theory above, because that’s the most crucial thing is to pay attention to your YouTube Analytics data.

Pay attention to which videos give better results (engagement), analyze which traffic sources produce the most, and what your audience demographics look like.

The best way to maximize the potential of your YouTube, of course, is to try as many ways (white-hat) that you already know, pay attention to the analytical results, and focus on the ones that give the best results.

Now it remains only to take action, do it and apply what you have learned in real time.

Good luck

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