What is Copywriting? Definition, Techniques, and Types

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what is copywriting

Infomediaku.net | What is Copywriting? Definition, Techniques, and Types

To create a website that has good performance and quality is not only seen from the factor of product development, but also by paying attention to the content it produces from copywriting.

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Do you already know what copywriting is? If you don’t know, copywriting is one of the trending jobs and is needed by many digital marketing companies today.

Previously, if you usually or often saw and read an article, blog, or website landing page, then you would certainly see a variety of content presented in it. Starting from writing, pictures, videos, and others.

Did you realize that in making various content there are important parties involved in it? So, we will provide information about the copywriting job.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a writing technique that is used so that the writing that is made can influence the reader’s actions in accordance with the purpose of the writing. Easier, when someone writes an article, the writing can attract readers to read the content.

Copywriting is also not only used for writing on websites, but you can find it in various fields, such as advertisements, blogs, articles, magazines, newspapers, and other media.

The hope is, with the writing or content that is made, it can attract the interest of the reader and direct the reader to take the action he wants, in this case, it leads to increased profits from the business side.

Types of Copywriting

There are several types of copywriting that you need to know which are divided according to their respective jobs, including the following:

1. Brand Copywriting

Brand copywriting has a duty to be able to convey a message to readers to introduce a brand or company brand.

The purpose of brand copywriting is more business-oriented and can introduce the products or services of a company. Examples are on creating “about us” pages and on logos or posters.

2. Marketing Copywriting

The purpose of marketing copywriting is to be able to write to improve the marketing, sales of products, and solutions of a company or organization. Examples of this are email marketing, and content in the service menu.

3. Direct Response Copywriting

Then, direct response copywriting has a duty to create content that aims to get a direct response from consumers/readers.

And the ultimate goal of direct response copywriting is to be able to lead to a CTA (Call To Action) button. Examples are on landing pages, social media advertisements, homepage menus.

4. Technical Copywriting

Technical Copywriting is a type of copywriting that aims to provide readers with an understanding of the procedure for using the product.

Examples of applications are in the fields of health, education, business, information, and communication.

5. SEO Copywriting

And the last one is SEO copywriting which has the task of writing to be able to optimize a website in search engines. In practice, you must also pay attention to the correct SEO rules and principles.

Copywriting Techniques

We’re going to explain one technique that many copywriters use to do their job. The copywriting technique is AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

1. Attention (attention)

In making a copy, the thing that is necessary is that the writing or copy that we make can attract the attention of readers or consumers.

So, the consumers we are targeting can find out the intent and purpose of delivering content.

2. Interest (interesting)

After readers begin to be interested in the writing that is made, then you must make writing or copy that can increase interest in reading more deeply.

The content that you have to create must be interesting and not make readers feel bored.

3. Desire (desire)

Furthermore, what you should pay attention to is to make the reader more emotionally and logically interested. This stage is deeper than the interesting process.

You must be able to play with both of these in order to increase the likelihood of readers more interested in the copy that you are presenting.

4. Action (action)

The last stage is that the reader takes action in accordance with the writing that you make.

Usually, the added feature is the CTA button to be directed to the next menu or product. This stage is widely used in the process of selling, buying, creating accounts, and so on.

How to Make the Right Copywriting

We will provide tips and how to make the right and proper copywriting. So, in making a copy, you can pay attention to various things in advance and the goals that are expected to be achieved.

1. Doing Competitor Research

Before making a copy, you need to make sure and do research about the competitors who are your business competitors.

Our analogy is like when you go hiking, you have to make sure you bring the right needs to be able to climb the mountain together with other tourists.

Competitor research is very important to see the initial success rate in starting your business. And, to ensure the environment, and your business competitors are real.

2. Understand the Intent and Purpose of the Product

Then, you also have to pay attention to the intent and purpose of the product that you will add the copy.

Make sure if the writing you write is in accordance with the goals and business context to be achieved.

3. Determine the Right Headline

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to the headline or title that you will write in an article, blog, and others.

The headline is also an important factor that readers usually see. If the title you make is attractive, it will increase the likelihood of consumers reading your writing.

4. Write Quality and Factual Copy

The copy to be made must also pay attention to quality and be in accordance with the facts.

Consumers will be very satisfied and believe in the product developed if the copy made is in accordance with the existing product conditions.

Don’t overestimate your product or service in creating a copy. You need to organize and adjust every post that is made.

5. End the Copy with A Persuasive Sentence

And the last way you should pay attention is to use more persuasive sentences.

After you convey your product clearly, the next step is to provide writing that can influence the reader’s interest and subsequent actions. So, readers will not be bored with the content presented.


Copywriting is a technique in writing that is used to attract readers to take action in accordance with the writing.

A copywriting technique that is often used is AIDA. There are four stages to pay attention to, first is attention, second is attracting, third is desire, and the last stage is action or action.

In making copy what you need to pay attention to is to do research on competitors and understand the objectives and introduce the product with quality, persuasive writing. The type of copy that is often used is SEO copywriting.

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