Childbirth Preparation: Choose to Save or Use Insurance?

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childbirth insurance | Childbirth Preparation: Choose to Save or Use Insurance?

Positive pregnant? Sure? Is that how you react when you hear that your wife is pregnant? In the beginning, all parents will be happy, how come, isn’t it a very big gift to be given a child to complete the structure in the family? Hearing the news, you will immediately think ahead with all the preparations such as mental and financial.

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For example, when the wife gives birth, she must have to spend money for hospital fees, then there are religious or cultural rules that require thanksgiving when the fetus in the mother’s stomach is 4 and 7 months old, all of which also cost money.

With so many expenses for preparing for childbirth, you should be able to choose from now between saving or using maternity insurance.

1. Make Preparations

In the face of childbirth preparation, you and your partner can prepare it with savings or insurance for pregnant women. Whatever your choice, it is no less important that you must understand financial planning for pregnant women and couples who will have children. There are many costs that you have to prepare.

Many of the parents who are waiting for the birth of their first child are often preoccupied with preparing expenses that are not really important.

For example, baby clothes, accessories, children’s room decorations, baby bathrooms, and so on. Which makes sometimes forgetting things that are important and wrong on the priority scale.

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Preparing for childbirth is fun, you don’t need to panic when the D day comes to you, even though a baby will definitely change the finances in a family. Ideally, maybe pregnancy should be planned in advance in order to control finances, but, in fact, the happy news actually comes unplanned.

Find out if your office or place of work pays for all pregnancy and childbirth facilities? If so, look for detailed information on how much money the office has spent. After that, look for information on hospital or midwife costs in accordance with the funds issued by your office.

2. Calculate in Detail

So that the cost of preparing for childbirth can be adjusted to the budget, calculate it in detail like this:

1. Compare Costs

Compare the cost of routine control with the midwife or doctor and count the number of times the control is carried out. As well as estimating costs for children’s vitamins.

2. Normal Delivery Costs

The cost of normal delivery with a doctor (not a midwife) in a hospital in big cities varies, some are normal without action and some are with action.

3. Costs of a Cesarean Delivery

There are several conditions for Cesarean delivery, namely cesarean adhesions + sterilization; Gemelli / Triplet + sterilization, and single Cesarean Breech / Latitude / MoMA; Single Fetal Cesarean Section + Sterilization. Hospitals in big cities have a range of costs ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.

4. Unexpected Costs both Before and After Delivery

There are many unexpected costs, and they usually vary from baby to baby. For example, taking care of a baby means regular visits to the pediatrician and to an obstetrician (especially before giving birth).

5. Costs After the Baby is Born

All details must be real, first survey the hospital or midwife so you can estimate the best possible funding.

Only then will it be measured whether the estimate is in accordance with the costs you have.

Choose Savings or Insurance?

After getting an estimate of the need for childbirth funds, then you just have to determine whether it will all be covered by yourself by saving or buying insurance products for pregnant women. You can carefully accumulate the two options.

1. Choose Savings

If you choose to save, then the target amount of your savings balance until the day of the D-Day should be greater than the details you have made. In order for the targeted savings to run smoothly, you and your wife must be disciplined in spending issues until the baby comes out to greet the world.

Make three allocation of expenses such as savings, debt repayments such as from credit cards (if any), and daily living expenses. And don’t forget to set aside money for the baby’s needs after birth. You can put this option into your living expenses.

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It is important to consider, you must carefully choose the hospital whose costs will be covered in your health insurance coverage. Don’t forget to confirm this with the obstetrician and anesthetist before you make a birth appointment. This practical way can help you save a lot of money, from birth costs to hospital fees.

2. Choosing to use insurance

So what if you are more interested in pregnancy insurance? This option is perfect for those of you who have planned pregnancy in advance because usually customers who register for pregnancy insurance have to wait 9-12 months before the funds can be processed.

Using pregnancy insurance you still have to collect all expenses during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, suppose the liability money is about $1000 and the premium is $400 in a year that will be sufficient or not, if not you better save.

If you take insurance, the insurance company will pay for the majority of these costs, and as a policyholder, you just pay the minimum fee. Before going any further, make sure that the insurance company you choose includes coverage for these maintenance costs in its policy clause so you can save money.

When you first joined the insurance program, additional health insurance costs for childbirth were a little more expensive, but in the end, the premium costs were still insignificant compared to expenses that you have to bear yourself. And usually, if you don’t take out insurance, people are more likely to be unprepared, so they have to go into debt here and there to cover the cost of child labor.

Plan For Your Child’s Wellbeing

Whatever your choices in facing the preparation for childbirth later, plan all well for the welfare of your child. Choose the one that suits your family’s financial ability.

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That way you will not feel too burdened by various kinds of costs that are not too important. Not only that, with the right planning, your child’s needs will be guaranteed.

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