routines of successful traders

7 Routines of Successful Traders That You Can Follow

What routines do successful traders usually do before trading? Here are 7 routines of successful traders that you can follow.
how to become a professional trader

How to Become Professional Trader In Forex

To become a professional forex trader or want to live only from trading (trading for living), it cannot be done in a flash or instant way.…
traders not able to profit consistently

Why are So Many Traders not Able to Profit Consistently?

Even learning the material does not guarantee a forex trader will make a profit consistently. So why are many traders not able to profit consistently?
successful forex trading

The Key to Successful Forex Trading

The current trading system provides traders with many choices in making decisions. When finding a key to successful forex trading in a promising system, make it…
forex trading psychology

What Is the Importance of Mastering Forex Trading Psychology?

To produce optimal results in forex trading, it is very important to have good theoretical skills, good psychology, use accurate strategies, follow political and economic news,…
mistakes of daily traders

5 Common Mistakes of Daily Traders to Avoid

Beginner day traders often make mistakes that lead to the abyss of loss. Here are 5 common mistakes that daily traders make. Let's see the full…
trading mistakes

6 Most Common Trading Mistakes You Should Avoid

In this article, we will discuss six kinds of trading mistakes that are common to traders and have the potential to destroy your trading account.
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Determining Target Profits in Online Trading

Behind profits target and mental pressure, at least there are big targets that make you more excited. But sometimes the problem is, do we already have…
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6 Mistakes in Understanding the Concepts in Trading

Many beginner traders misunderstand important concepts in forex trading. Here are 6 concepts in forex trading that are often misunderstood:
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Trading vs. Investing: What’s the Difference?

Trading and investing are clearly different, consider the difference between investing and trading in the following review.