6+ Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career

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6+ Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career – infomediaku.net

After completing the educational path, now is the time for you to start entering the world that is commonly referred to as the real world, namely the world of work.

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In this phase, you are required to be more independent and have the courage to apply your learning results. So many dreams that you have planned to achieve, so beautiful are the images about your career later.

But in reality, it turns out that looking for a job and building a career is not as easy as you think so far. The process of submitting applications to companies requires time, effort, and other costs. But, that was then.

Now, there is a LinkedIn that helps you do all that. LinkedIn is a social media aimed at professionals. Unlike other social media, LinkedIn can be said as a medium to market yourself to other companies or professionals who are there. The company founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002.

6+ Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career

Well, for those of you who still don’t know what benefits LinkedIn can provide to build your professional career. Here comes the full description:

1. Build a Professional Profile.

LinkedIn as a social media for professionals provides services to build your professional profile. All personal data, photos, Curriculum Vitae, resume, and others can be uploaded on LinkedIn.

The goal is clear so that you get a good initial impression from other professionals. First impressions are important, it’s often the first impression that determines how your career ends.

2. Expanding Connections.

In addition to a good initial impression, you also need extensive connections for a successful career. As an online social media, LinkedIn helps you to interact with people around the world.

The online world makes it easy for you to get to know other people without having to meet. On LinkedIn, you can create your professional profile and with that professional profile, you can add connections with people who have interests or work in the same field. Remember, connections are an important factor in a person’s success.

3. Maintaining Relationships with Old Friends.

LinkedIn can help you find old friends you might want to work with. This is very useful because humans tend to trust people who have been known for a long time. Of course, working together based on high mutual trust will produce results that don’t disappoint.

4. Make it Easier for You to Apply for Jobs.

On LinkedIn, there are features that can be used to find jobs from well-known companies. With just one click, you can immediately see a list of job vacancies from various companies, big or small.

With this, you don’t need to waste time, energy, printing, transport, and other costs because the application is directly connected to your LinkedIn account, which already has complete personal data.

5. Opening Opportunities to be Recruited by Companies.

Many company executives have LinkedIn accounts. As your professional life portfolio. Of course, LinkedIn is quite important for professionals. Because of the easy access to other professional data, it’s no wonder that many executives also use LinkedIn to recruit someone.

Therefore, update your account so that you can be better known by them.

6. Demonstrate Expertise.

On LinkedIn, there are features that allow us to communicate with other people. Through this, you can show your skills when you get open questions from other people.

The way you answer and the answers you give will be able to build your image for the better.

7. Get the Latest Information and Inspiration About Your Work.

In everything, you must always be willing to learn and develop. LinkedIn provides the latest information and inspiration that is certainly useful for you to know so that your work can be even better. By knowing this, you can further develop yourself and become a better person at work.

Let’s Create a LinkedIn Account!

The online world is really very helpful for people who can use it for useful things. For example, such as in looking for work. Most companies open job applications online, so this is important for everyone to know.

Having a LinkedIn account will be very beneficial for your career. So, do you have a LinkedIn account yet?

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